Category: Documentary

Charlie Chaplin Great Dictator

The Tramp and The Dictator (2002) – A Review

The Tramp and The Dictator In 1940 Charlie Chaplin released his film The Great Dictator. It was a film that many discouraged Chaplin to make, would become a struggle for...

Dear Mr Bill Watterson documentary Calvin & Hobbes

Dear Mr. Watterson (2013) – A Review

Dear Mr. Watterson Bill Watterson created one of the most popular, beloved and enduring comic strips of all time – Calvin and Hobbes. It’s ten year run would win the...

Bettie Page Reveals All documentary

Bettie Page Reveals All (2012) – A Review

Bettie Page Reveals All Narrated in her own words Bettie Page Reveals All is something of an enlightening story. I was never familiar much with her personal life and only...

Rewind This video tape VHS documentary

Rewind This! (2013) – A Review

Rewind This! Back in the day I had a mountain of VHS tapes all meticulously labeled containing my favorite films and TV shows. I would be a fanatic about creating...

Girl 27 documentary

Girl 27 (2007) – A Review

Girl 27 In 1937 MGM held a huge party in Los Angeles for their top film salesman. MGM was the most successful movie studio in Hollywood at the time making...

Room 237 Shining Stanley Kubrick documentary

Room 237 (2012) – A Review

Room 237 Stanley Kubrick made less than twenty films in his 50-year career. Hey, it’s not about quantity, but quality right? Many of those films have made him one of...

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