Tagged: Gene Hackman

Superman movie Christopher Reeve

Superhero Films – Superman: The Movie (1978)

A big-budget film about Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s iconic superhero hits theaters on the 40th anniversary of his debut in 1978’s Superman: The Movie. Director Richard Donner works with...

Narrow Margin Gene Hackman Anne Archer

Remake Recon: The Narrow Margin

In 1952 RKO Pictures would release a low-budget thriller called The Narrow Margin. Starring Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor and Jacqueline White, the film at the time was meant to be...

Poseidon Adventure movie cast

Remake Recon: The Poseidon Adventure

Back in the 1970’s the disaster genre was at its peak. Millions of moviegoers were heading out to their local theaters to watch actors do their best to survive the...

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