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reporting on bad weather storms

Reporting On Bad Weather

At the moment I’m experiencing ‘blizzard conditions’ outside. Apparently this is due to a winter storm system that has hit the area. This has made it cold, windy and snowfall...

Super Storm Sandy destruction

Super Storm Sandy & The Fall Out

Sandy headlines – we’ll be reading about this for a very long time… Well, Sandy – aka ‘The Storm of the Century’, ‘Franken-Storm’, ‘Super Storm Sandy’ has moved out and...

Wile Coyote help sign

Good Deeds & The Art of Appreciation

It would be nice to live in a world where everyone went out of his or her way to help each other out and people were genuinely appreciative of that...

big truck blind spot

Big, Big Trucks Creating Blind Spots…..

Driving around the other day I was trying to make a nearly impossible left hand turn. What made it impossible? It wasn’t the road. It was just your average street,...

trouble sleeping

Trouble Sleeping?

Well, I can still get a full two hours….. One of the worst things is having one of those sleepless nights. It’s one of those nights that you can’t afford...

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